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Inspection and maintenance of diving equipment

After the diving season, before keep your computer, you should conduct a review and overhaul.

Bring your regulator and we will be sure that everything is in a good condition.

What will we do in your regulator?
- Dismantle and clean up your controller leaving like new.
- Change all parts, the first and second stages.
- Lubricate all parts.
- We will review the membranes of the second stage.
- We will review the hoses and pressure gauge.
- We will notify you if there are any parts that must be replaced, we will make a budget and when you approve replace the corresponding parts.
- We will set and calibrate the regulator.

"Other parts of my equipment need revision"
You can also check other parts of your equipment (BCD, mask,... ), please contact us and we will make a quote.

We reviewed your regulator for only 25€ (each stage) + spare parts kit. Tell us the make and model of your regulator to know the exact price.
For other pieces of equipment, check prices.
Standard review                                       25€ each stage + Kit spare parts see depending on the model.
Review pick-up and delivery                  100€ + Kit spare parts see depending on the model.
Parts replacement if necessary             Consult according to model.

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